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Refreshed Signage

10 years ago, I met with a friend over coffee to share an idea I had. After that there was a spaghetti dinner with more friends to share our ideas and goals for the dogs and cats of Nashville. From there, Pet Community Center was born. 3 quick years in the Pet Community Spay + Neuter Clinic opened. There was pretty new signage on our re-purposed building! Fast forward 7 long years of weather, wind, rain and sunshine. The building looked worn and the signage was running away. (No really, the finish was running down the side of the building!) The CEO at the time, came to me to ask if anything could be done to give it a refresh. Of course, I said yes! During quarantine, building maintenance still needed to get done, so I popped over, took the signage down and got to work.

The original signs were digitally printed, but didn't appear to have any UV protection. One spray water and ink was wiping off!! (This shouldn't happen!!) In no time at all, with a little of the blue class cleaner, the signs were completely cleaned. Due to the finish on the substrate, the metal was recoated with a good coat of enamel. After drying, new vinyl lettering was applied and then given a clear coat finish for added UV protection.

The signs got reinstalled and the whole place looked great after it's facelift!

LOOK at the difference!

While many companies would just sell you new signage, because it's less work, we don't do that. It's more important for us to keep items from going to the landfill and reusing what we can to save you precious resources- like money. Remember, STOP Tossing Old Promo (and that includes signs!) Instead, call SPOT Prints for a solution!

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