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Skucamp Recap

10-7-17 is when I wrote, this, but I just figured out how to get it out here.... the gen X side is coming out in this xennial. :) So here's the actual content:

I just returned from the inaugural Skucamp put on by our good friends at Commonsku. Skucamp was a relaxingly intensive, question-your-business-and-yourself-as-you-plan-for-2018 type event. There was a mix of distributors and suppliers (promo lingo) chatting, learning, and breakdancing (go Aaron!!!). But the real take away was tidbits of information gleaned from presentations and conversations around the pool, smores fire and breakfasts in town as twinsies. It’s because of these, that I’m going to be putting thoughts and ideas to “paper” and out there for the world to read.

Here’s my general take aways from camp:

Find your purpose. It’s ok to make money doing it! Be authentic. Be flawesome. Being small is ok. You don’t need to be a 50 million dollar company to be valuable. Default to optimism. (This one will be a work in progress, especially if I ever watch the news again). Tell your story, even the ones that don’t have a happy ending. Share ideas and embrace your weirdness, because that’s how your find the best people to do business with. It’s here, in the uncomfortable space, where you’ll meet the best people, be the most creative and ultimately have the most fun!

Here’s to having more fun and creating branded products with meaning and purpose!

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