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SPOT Prints is a family business that started in the fall of 2008. (Note that the word family comes before business... and we mean that!) The name SPOT started as a joke, since it was also the name of the family cat. Rescued as a kitten- he fell out of a tree, literally- so yes, he was rescued!- he was smart, creative and full of personality! His antics never went unnoticed, as he trained us to supply him treats, toys and new friends to play with. He would visit area clients (on leash of course!) and ruled the house. Spot passed away unexpectedly in 2012, but his name and legacy live on as our mascot. His effectiveness is when people say, "oh spot, like the dog" the response is nope, like the cat and the conversation begins.  






Owner & Chief Idea Officer




Creative Director & Idea Wrangler

Creating solutions to odd challenges is one of my specialties. If you're really looking for out of the box ideas that encompass sustainable practices, then we'll make a great team. With a background in animal welfare, environmental science and retail I can see the big picture and logistics to make it happen on the ground. I'm also a co-founder of Pet Community Center, a Nashville non-profit that that helps people care for their pets.  

Our mascot Spot is how the company got it's name! What started as a joke with the name of our family cat, quickly stuck and this 8lbs of fluff and teeth became the mascot. Spot was a smart, sassy guy who constantly kept us on our toes and caused us to re-evaluate challenges on a regular basis. After the sudden on set of renal failure, Spot passed away at 10 years old. 

As the namesake and mascot of SPOT Prints, Spot reminds us to never accept a problem at face value. There's ALWAYS a solution, sometimes you just have to look at it from another angle, like upside down or backwards while wearing full protective gear! 

I'm the founder of SPOT Prints , which was created to help businesses, organizations and individuals with their special events. As a veteran of the United States Air Force with a BA in Women's Studies,  I have some interesting perspectives on projects and love finding creative solutions to challenging puzzles.. Event decor and design is one of my specialties and I can work some magic with flowers. 


We want to help you solve problems and create responsible, coveted merch.

We want to create amazing experiences that inspire you.

We want to help you create memories. 


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