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Product Samples & Demos That Do Good

After a week of PPAI Expo, which began with skucon 2019 , followed by the PromoKitchen mixer, multiple times to promochat, keynotes, new products, old friends, new friends, and lots of walking, you think I’d be done. But, never let it be said, that I passed up an opportunity for education! Being this close to California and the ISS Show in Long Beach was definitely a chance too good to pass up. I knew some of the suppliers would be the same, but seeing their different setups and approach was an education in itself.

While walking the show I noticed a piece of artwork pinned to the floor. It was amazing and, as a friend says, “it spoke to me!”. The artist’s style was from my past, but the message of the piece was tugging at my heart now. I was on a mission and had to learn more! I went over and introduced myself to the press operator- Tommy. Tommy did a great job explaining to me all about the equipment, its many features and pointed out how quiet it is while running. When I asked about the specific print he was running, he lighted up to tell me the story.

Tommy was there on behalf of the company he works for, Moment Screen Printing, and providing the labor for the exhibitor, Anatol Equipment Mfg Co, to be able to showcase their equipment. It was obvious the artwork, a 10 color print, also intrigued him. The design, he continued, was created by a famous artist to help out a local animal rescue. He went on to tell me I could meet the artist (wait, I COULD MEET THE ARTIST!) -two aisles over at the International Coatings booth, the company who donated the ink. In addition, I could get a shirt for a donation.


As Tommy was telling me about all of this, I was instantly reminded about PromoCares and all the collaboration happening between companies to do more good. Here were people that care, helping animals who can’t help themselves AND companies donating time, services and product! After explaining PromoCares to Tommy and snapping a couple pictures, I was off to meet the artist!

Arriving at the booth, I found David Edward Byrd surrounded by beautiful samples of his artwork. Visiting with everyone around him, he was the epitome of an Artist! I introduced myself to him and he visited with me like we were old friends. Come to find out he was born in Cleveland, TN. That seven degrees of separation is a real thing! After a couple of pictures, I moved on so others could speak with him. I made my donation and picked out my shirt. I was on top of the world! This whole time I could not ignore the many hands involved in this project - which will ultimately help animals in need.

As the show continues today, if you are there, go by the International Coatings booth and see this amazing work. I’m not sure if David Edward Byrd will be there in person; but, if he is, introduce yourself - a nicest person you will ever meet! While you’re there, make a donation. You will receive an amazing tee shirt, but even more important are the animals you will be helping through Flying Fur Animal Rescue. Thanks to (in no particular order) David Edward Byrd, Tommy Manqueros, Jolino Beserra, Anatol Equipment, Cotton Heritage, International Coatings, Moment Screen Printing, and everyone unnamed who had a hand in helping with Bowser & Kitty! Thank you for creating an experience and samples that do good and people want to keep.

And hey, if you remember Janis, and Jimi, and the Who’s Tommy, you will recognize David’s work!

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