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Idea #1: People Enrichment to Help Pets

Sometimes I have crazy ideas. Ok, I have them a lot. Today’s crazy idea is about a fundraising and PR campaign using a very specific product to generate conversations about pet training. It goes something like this. Dogs and cats like training and enrichment. They like to work for food and rewards and there’s some awesome toys out there to help. They are great ways to keep your pets entertained and mentally exercised through problem solving. How does that tie into fundraising and people? With beer and a puzzle mug. Animal shelters and rescue groups have animals that need training and toys to help them get adopted or keep them in their current homes, so here’s a chance to show people how working for something can be fun, if the reward is right. Work with local breweries to create a specialty, exclusive beer (or several over time). While they’re brewing some yummy goodness, create an awesome design for the puzzle mug. With the help of the brewery, promote the mug as a way to help animals while getting to try exclusive beers brewed just for the puzzle mug. Why the puzzle mug? To be able to drink from it, you need to hold your hand in just the correct place or you’ll end up wearing the beer. Want to go further and create an awesome experience? Get a few local personalities for the taping of the keg and see who can figure out the mug first. Continue the movement by encouraging people to bring their puzzle mug in to try new brews throughout the season. This will create buzz around the brewery and continue to generate funds if the only way to try the exclusive beer is with the puzzle mug.

Done right, this would be mutually beneficial for pets, people and the breweries!

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